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Lavantin Dental Clinic, with its new location in Nişantaşı/Şişli, one of the most decent and favorite districts of Istanbul as of 2020, is a modern dental clinic that uses the latest technological facilities and provides service at premium standards. Our clinic, located in the most touristic and quality location of the European side, has achieved many successes in a short time, especially in the field of health tourism. While our expert staff provides a complete dental service to our patients, they act with the philosophy of full patient satisfaction. We strive to offer all the treatments you need at the highest level with an interdisciplinary approach in all branches of modern dentistry.



Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral, dental and maxillofacial surgery is a branch of science that deals with the prevention of diseases of the maxillofacial and oral structures before they occur, and their surgical treatments if they occur. The most common jaw surgery applications in our clinic; impacted tooth extractions, implant applications, jaw cysts, sinus lifting, block graft, medically indicated botox applications and apical resection procedures. With the developing technology, jaw surgery procedures can be performed both painlessly and in a very short time without the complaints of our patients. Long-lasting surgical procedures can be performed under general anesthesia or under sedation. In this way, anesthesia is reduced and pain is prevented.

Aesthetic Dentistry


It includes procedures such as aesthetic dentistry, smile design, Hollywood smile, laminate applications. For our patients who are not satisfied with the shape, position or appearance of their teeth, an aesthetic smile design that fits the golden ratio is made. This design is patient specific. If desired, our patient can be shown how the image will look after the procedure by using applications such as mockup. In aesthetic dentistry, full ceramic restorations can be applied by reducing all the teeth, as well as laminate applications where only the front surfaces of the teeth are abraded.



Orthodontic treatment is to give the desired movement by applying force to the teeth by applying wires or plates, and in this way to obtain a beautiful tooth alignment. The biggest advantage of orthodontic treatment is to provide a natural appearance by using our own teeth. No damage is done to the teeth and their natural structure is preserved.


Endodontics is a branch of science that deals with root canal treatment. In case of decay/infection of the teeth that cannot be treated with filling, these caries are cleaned and the nerves and internal structure of the teeth are cleaned with rotary instruments. Afterwards, tooth-friendly materials are used, these channels are filled and covered with an aesthetic filling. Thus, instead of pulling teeth, their lifespan is extended for a while.



Pedodontics is the department of pediatric dentistry. All treatments applied to our pediatric patients fall within the scope of this section. The most frequently applied pedodontics applications in our clinic are amputation, placeholder, fissure sealant applications and fluor gel applications. There are also options such as sedation/general anesthesia so that our pediatric patients are not afraid of dental treatments.

Oral Diagnosis

Oral diagnosis is the diagnosis of dental diseases as a result of the first examination and radiographic examination. After a detailed history is taken, a systematic intraoral examination is supported by x-rays. Thus, a healthier diagnosis is made and the most appropriate treatments are applied to our patients.

Sağlık Turizmi
Sağlık Turizmi
Sağlık Hemşire ile hasta

With the spread of health tourism, patients seek alternative treatment in different countries. Health tourism provides the opportunity for patients to return to their countries happily by visiting the culture, food and historical places of the country they go to, while getting their treatment. Our country is very popular in health tourism with its experienced physicians and technological and modern opportunities in the field of health. Our clinic is a clinic that has proven itself by applying successful treatments to many patients in health tourism, and with its experienced staff, it is a clinic that has adopted the principle of returning the patients to their homes happily after the treatment. Not only during the treatment process, we also assist our patients in meeting them from the airport, transferring them to our clinic and transferring them between the clinic and the hotel during dental procedures. Thanks to our interpreter service throughout all these processes, our patients feel like they are at home. All necessary details have been considered in our health tourism protocol to make you feel comfortable. We communicate with you frequently during the decision-making process. First of all, we ask you to send your contact information, intraoral photographs and panoramic x-rays, if any, by e-mail. With the evaluation, we quickly share general information and price information about your treatments. After mutual agreement, we organize your plane transfers on suitable dates for you. We share the health tourism package and content details with you. The package includes your treatment fees, flight tickets if you wish, airport-clinic and hotel transfers. If you wish, we can add Istanbul and food culture tours to the package. We invite you to get to know both the historical and cultural flavors of Istanbul between treatments. We write down the treatments and materials used in the epicrisis report we give you after the treatment. We recommend that you stay a few more days after the treatment to experience your treatments. We happily send you to your country. We continue our communication even after returning to your country. We invite you back to our country for routine controls. We carry out our treatments with the principle of happy patients, happy physicians. You can call us now to get information about health tourism packages.

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